Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Hi everyone, hope you're all well. As you're reading this I am on holiday! *squeels* It feels like forever since I last went away, even though, it was only last year. I actually really like flying (in a plane, obviously) and when I get to the airport I am always straight to duty-free, literally I am like magnet. Every year when I'm at the airport I like to by  perfume, not sure why. I guess its become some sort of a tradition.

If you know me, you'll know I'm obsessed with Marc Jacob fragrances, I literally have and love all of them! I don't know if it's the super cute packaging or the lovely, fresh and fruity scents. Either way, I picked up another one of his limited edition 'Daisy' scents. I really like the fact he brings out a limited edition version of this fragrance as I love the original! 

Like mentioned above, this comes in a same stye as the original perfume. However, the packaging is slightly different each time, this year the colours being pink and purple. I love the flowers on this perfume, they are so pretty!

The scent is pretty similar to others in this collection with a little twist. I'd say this is more fruity than others in previous collections which I love. It's a very sweet and pretty scent, which is perfect for summer. I love Marc Jacobs perfumes as they are so versatile, I love that I can wear them both during the daytime and the evening. This has been my go to scent throughout all of my holiday and I know I'll deffo still be using it when I get home, it's too nice not to!

Thank you for reading my blog be sure to follow on bloglovin' Whats your favourite perfume? My holiday outfits posts should hopefully be up soon, my brother is joining us on holiday at the weekend so he'll probably become my designated photographer when he arrives. 

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