Monday, 17 August 2015


Hi everyone, hope you're well! If you know me, you'll know I am a literally a Lush addict! I love their products and how cute they look, as well as how well they work. Recently I decided to pick up a couple of products (which aren't bath bombs) to try out that I haven't used before. 

The first product was 'Ocean Salt' a face and body scrub. I'd been wanting to try this out for the longest amount of time due to the constant recommendations I had been getting from friends and sales assistants in store. The two main ingredients in this product: obviously, like the name would suggest, fine sea salt -This is where you get the scrub like texture perfect for when you exfoliate. The other ingredient is lime extracted in vodka. Now, this surprised me I didn't expect to see vodka in a face product. However, a sales assistant explained to me that this is an anti-bactieral element and therefore also makes this good for blemish prone skin. Along with these two main ingredients, avocado butter is also used to brighten and soften the skin.

I've used this a couple of times and I love it. The scent is amazing, you can really smell the mixture of vodka and lime. -Its quite a strong scent, so if you prefer something more subtle I do believe Lush have another body scrub you could try out. I like this scrub as you can use it on both face and body. I tried this out on my face and it really did exfoliate my skin, leaving it smooth and soft. However, due to the vodka it can be quite strong on the skin, so be sure to use a small amount when using it on your face. 

The other product I decided to try out was another 'Fresh Face Mask' I love face masks, they are certainly one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine. I went into store hoping to repurchase 'Mask of Magnanimity' but they were unfortunately sold out. Instead I decided to try out 'Cupcake' as it sounded perfect for my skin which has been quite oily recently.

Here you can see a stunning picture of myself modelling the face mask. *do excuse the marks on my top, it has become the hair dye and face mask top so it very stained, oops* The scent of this mask is beautiful and does indeed smell of chocolate. The formula is quite thick. However, applies easily onto the face. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive about how well this would wash off due to the thick consistency and colour. Although, I was very happy to see it rinsed of nicely and was actually a lot quicker and easier than I had expected. 

After I had washed the product off, my face was left feeling smooth and cleansed. This mask was so gentle on the skin! If you suffer from sensitive skin, give this one a whirl!

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