Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hi everyone, hope your all well and had a lovely Easter. I have soo many chocolates and Easter eggs to eat, out goes the healthy eating routine I've been attempting. Even though Easter isn't a massive occasion in my family, it was soo nice getting to see all the family. I have quite a few relatives I don't get to see as often so its always nice getting to catch up! 

If you know me, you'll know I'm massively into skincare. As someone who has shit bad skin and suffers from acne and scarring I love trying new products. However, one brand I am still yet to venture in is 'Origins'. Apart from their 'super spot remover' I haven't tried any of their products. The Origins face masks have always been the one product from the brand that intrigued me. They always look so amazing and I've read thousands of great reviews. So recently I decided that I wanted to purchased one. The 'clear improvements' mask was always at the top of my list, especially recently as my skin has been breaking out like crazy.  When I popped into town I went to my nearest Origins counter and had a browse. I spotted this gift set (which doesn't have a name) and the products in side looked fab for my acne prone and very dry skin. -(I know the strangest combination, yay)

In this set you get the 'drink up intensive overnight mask' the 'clear improvements' mask and the 'modern friction' face scrub. Inside the little box there is also a face brush which you can use with the stub to really help exfoliate and deep clean your skin. I thought this was a fab set of products and great for me personally as it gives me the opportunity to try out a few Origins products. This set was also pretty good value for money costing £30, when one face mask costs £23 it works out to be quite the bargain!

I've yet to try out these products properly. However, there will be some full reviews up soon so keep your eyes out for them! Overall I really like the masks, they do exactly what they claim on the tube and they are such good quality! P.S. Shoutout to Mumma Parker for holding the tubes for me whilst I was taking pictures.

Thank you for reading my blog, be sure to follow on bloglovin' Have you tried any products from Origins? Whats your favourite?


  1. Those origins products look great! Hope they're as good as they look!

    Gina xx | www.beautifulbrightlight.blogspot.com.au

  2. The Charcoal Mask sounds lovely! x

  3. Millie Robinson7 April 2015 at 04:25

    I really want to try the drink up intensive mask, it sounds great x


  4. I need a good mask for my dry skin, this looks good! xx

    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  5. Oh I have been seeing these around a lot, I want to try them!