Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I officially started year 13 this week. How crazy. I have 1 year of school left and then I'm done -obviously besides uni and work but you know, still cray. I'm not going to lie trying to get out of bed on wednesday morning when I went back to school was difficult. I definitely pressed the snooze button a few too many times.

If you've been a longer follower of my blog you'll know I've worked with a brand previously called 'Salcura'. Salcura skincare is a brand based in the UK and create a variety of different skincare for dry skin problems and acne. They also use all natural ingredients which is a bonus. I had previously tried out the acne range which I loved, so when they contacted me asking if I would like to try out some skincare for dry skin I was super excited. 

The first product I am going to talk about is the 'Bioskin zeoderm face and body lotion*' This was my favourite product that I received. I used this when I came back from my holiday in attempt to keep my skin hydrated and try and prolong my tan. This stuff is fab, its so hydrating. What I like most about it is that it absorbs so quickly into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. This has a lovely scent, however, it is quite strong and I can't quite think of what it reminds me of. Don't you hate it when that happens? I've been using this on my elbows and knees which get particularly dry and I have noticed a big difference! The skin is much softer, smoother and generally more hydrated and less irritated. 

The next product I'm going to talk about is the 'Bioskin facial cleanser*' Like mentioned above the bioskin range is focused on dry skin types and soothing irritated skin. This sounded great, as although I don't have overly dry skin, it does get dehydrated from all of the spot lotions and creams I use. I have been testing this out for a few weeks now and I do like it when my skin is feeling particularly sore or irritated. This cleanser has a gel consistency which applies nicely onto the skin. The colour of this is a bright orange colour which I was surprised to find out, I wasn't expecting it! The scent is really nice and for some reason reminds me of mangos? Overall this is a lovely cleanser, however, I don't think I would use it everyday. I know it will be more suitable for  my skin type in the colder months as it will really work to soothe the skin form the harsh wind and cold weather. 

The last product is the 'Bioskin DermaSpray*' This spray is used to moisturise, hydrate and reduce skin redness. The purpose behind this is that you spray it onto your body and then massage it into the skin. I really like the concept of this product and the fact you can spray it onto your body -perfect for awkward areas like your elbows or shoulders. This product is a lot lighter in consistency compared to the face and body lotion but does a great job at soothing dry skin and keeping it hydrated. I think this is perfect for travelling and will definitely come in handy!

You can find the link to the Salcura website here. for more information about the company and their products!

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