Thursday, 27 March 2014


For a while I've been looking for a foundation that can cover my acne and acne scarring, keep me looking matte and not cling to my dry patches. I thought that a cream foundation would be really great to try out. I'd previously tried this foundation out a couple of years ago and loved it then, so decided to re purchase it. MaxFactor is a brand which i haven't tried too many products from, but there foundations always intrigue me, along with the brand itself as its supposedly owned by the same company as 'Covergirl' so there products are similar. 

PACKAGING: The packaging is super simple, yet looks sleek and is very compact. The foundation itself is in a glass container which you twist to undo. (ignore how weird mine looks, i dropped it) On the bottom of the container, there is a compartment which opens up and holds a sponge, which is pretty handy. I like the packaging as like mentioned above, is very compact, so its good for make up bags and travelling.

COLOUR: MaxFactor actually have a fairly wide range of colours, ranging from quite light, to dark complexions. My colour is 'Warm Almond 45' which suits me perfectly at the moment.

TEXTURE: The foundation is creamy like you would imagine and actually creates a medium build able coverage. The finish is matte, yet still allows some of my natural complexion to show though. It did a great job of keeping my face shine free throughout the day. I applied this foundation with an 'expert face' brush from RealTechniques.

MY THOUGHTS: Overall i really like this foundation, it has great coverage, yet looks natural and like 'skin' which is a bonus. I really like the fact its a cream foundation, as application is quick and easy. The staying power is great and lasts throughout a busy school day, which for me is fab!

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  1. This sounds fab! I might have to give it a go :) x
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  2. This was the first foundation I ever used! I've seen a few reviews of it recently, it's weird to see it back again! At the moment I've been really liking the Bourjois CC Cream, I like it because it's so natural and doesn't feel like you've got anything on your face!

  3. I think that creamy foundations are too heavy for acne skins, try a mineral one that has high coverage!

  4. I find that cream foundations feel to heavy on my skin, maybe I should try this and it might change my opinion on them! Xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  5. I absolutely hate that product, it really depend on who uses, first time here on your blog and been loving it, please check mine out!

    I'm a brazilian blogger living in Edinburgh, on the bottom of my blog there is a button to translate my blog... hope you like it!