Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Following one of my recent posts 'skincare on trial' I thought I should do one on makeup too. I've received quite a few new makeup products due to it being my birthday a couple of weeks ago as well as purchasing a fair few myself! I know next on my list is the Chanel cream bronzer!

Giorgio Armani 'Luminous Silk' Foundation

I actually brought this a while ago after the constant love bloggers give it online. Knowing how many people love it finally persuaded me to purchase it, even though it might have cost me and arm and a leg at £36. I've actually done a full review on this product as I was planning on this post to go up sooner. However, if you want to see the full review click here.

MAC 'Soft and Gentle' Highlighter

I received this from one of my besties for my birthday after lusting over how pretty hers is. The colour is just stunning and I know its going to look beautiful when I'm on holiday with a tan. The new MAC packaging means this has a sort of magnetic clasp when it shuts and can I just tell you how satisfying it is when I close it. (I'm not the only one that thinks that right?) I am planning on doing a full review so stay tuned.

Rimmel 'Lasting Finish' Concealer

I spotted this when I was in Boots a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out due to it claiming to be high coverage and really reminded me of the Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' concealer. I've actually really been enjoying this. At first I thought it was way to thick and hard to blend which therefore meant it was quite drying. However, I've realised its best to warm the product up before hand by using your fingers. This really helps the concealer to blend easy but keeps the high coverage. This concealer really does have full coverage and covers everything, blemishes, discolouration, redness, I also used it as an eyeshadow base/primer and it worked fab! I haven't tried it as an under eye concealer as I personally feel it could be a bit heavy and drying but it will probably work great for some people. Overall this concealer is great if you're after a high coverage concealer that isn't too expensive this was around £5-£6.

Thank you for reading my blog, be sure to follow! Have you tried out any of these products, what are you're thoughts?


  1. I would really like the Giorgio Armani foundation so will take a look at that review, thanks :)


  2. You are literally not the only one that gets satisfaction from closing things, I love to open and close my Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks!! lol

  3. The Rimmel Lasting Concealer sounds amazing! I would love to pick it up as an eyeshadow base alone as I have discolouration on my lids. x


  4. Love the look of the Soft and Gentle highlighter, it's sooo pretty. And I get the satisfying magnetic clasp as well ha!

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  5. Mademoiselle Lala3 June 2015 at 04:15

    I actually hate the new MAC packaging - the old one more more symmetric and pretty. ;) I'm curious about this GA foundation though!


  6. Love it !

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  7. The MAC Highlighter seems worth a try, great post!

    Anika | www.anikamay.co.uk

  8. That Mac blusher looks lovely and I have only heard good things about the GA foundation. sabiha x


  9. If you'd like you could check out my new blog http://aaarabesque.blogspot.com - I'd be honored ;)

  10. The Giorgi Armani foundation sounds amazing! I hope it works for you because of the price! x

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  11. The m.a.c highlighter looks great... worth a try

  12. I've been thinking about getting this MAC highlighter for ages! Can't wait to read your full review when it's up! x