Friday, 19 September 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well. I started sixth form this year and its so amazing. I love being able to study the subjects we chose as it means my lessons are about something I'm generally interested in- The day goes so much quicker!  I finally picked up L'oreal true match. I know, I know, it took me long enough. I've been using it for the past week or so, and thought i'd share my opinions.

The first thing i noticed when going to pick this up, was the amount of shades and colours they had at the L'oreal stand. Not going to lie I was a bit overwhelmed but none the less ended up leaving with the colour 'N2 Vanilla' which turned out to be a pretty good match. I love the fact the bottle has a pump, i usually use around 1 pump or so and blend it into my skin with either the RT 'buffing brush' or the 'expert face brush' The foundation is a solid medium coverage, however is very buildable. Once applied the foundation has (on me personally) a matte finish, wish I love. It keeps me fairy matte throughout the day, however I do powder and touch up if i need to. 
Overall this foundation is lovely for both day time and evening wear (it does contain SPF17 so i'm not to sure on flashback -Let me know in the comments? I would recommend this foundation and at only £10 its a bargain!

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  1. I'm not a matte finnish kind of girl, so this isn't 100% for me, but if I fancy something matte i'll definitley check this out! Glad you're enjoying sixth form, I've started my GCSE's and I love not doing the lessons I loathe. x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Love matte finishes! I'll need to check this out!!

    I just started my own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog so if anyone would like to check that out I would really appreciate it!! xx

  3. I've heard so, so much about this foundation but every time I try to buy it all of the shades seem too yellow based for me.

  4. This is my everyday go to foundation, I love the finish of it. Glad you're enjoying sixth form!

    Amanda's Escape

  5. I've been reading a lot of positive reviews about this product Might have to jump on the bandwagon xx

  6. I have heard so many wonderful reviews about this product, perhaps the next time I'm at the drugstore I need to pick it up. Great post.


  7. Such a good price for what sounds like a really good foundation! I've never tried any foundations from Loreal but it sounds like it would be really good for my skin!

  8. I used to work in Boots when I was a student and sooo many people used to buy this foundation. It's a popular choice, I think because it has a pretty wide range of colours considering it's drug store buy and it has a pretty solid coverage considering the price! During the winter I alternate between this one and the Bourjois Healthy Glow (because it doesn't have an SPF!)

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  9. Great post, dear! !!

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  10. Such a good informative review. I sure am to try this soon.
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  11. This has been my go to foundation for years now- love it! :)