Monday, 2 December 2013


Hi everyone, hope your all well!
Ahh, its December already, where has the year gone? I certainly enjoyed opening my first advent calendar door yesterday! I'm such a festive person and i'm already looking forward for Christmas, i love it! I was so happy and excited when I found out that my friend Alice tagged me to do the '2013 Christmas tag' woo! 

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or a synthetic one?

I actually have a synthetic one in my house as my mum seems to think she may be allergic to them, however i don't think she is, she just doesn't like the mess. However i do prefer real Christmas trees, there so pretty and make me feel even more festive..if that's possible!

2. Your in a coffee shop, its December, what do you pick?

Ooh, i'd have to say a hot chocolate, i really like costa' honeycomb hot chocolate after trying it recently I've fallen in love! I still haven't tried the salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks either, so that's next on my list next time i go out!

3.whats your favorite colour scheme for decorating your tree?

I don't really have one, when we decorate the tree we kind off just shove anything that looks nice on, although my mum likes the tinsel to be sort of coordinating with the colours we have in our living room or the typical red, green and gold christmassy colours.

4. Giving or receiving?

I know everyone probably says this, but i love going out searching for Christmas presents, especially in the evening when its cold and dark and you can go and get a hot chocolate and look for gifts. However i do love the surprise on Christmas morning when i open my gifts and see what ive been given.

5. to mince pie or to not?

I actually really dislike mince pies, last time i had one i thought they were gross. That was a few years ago though, maybe i should try them again?

6. Whats your traditional Sunday lunch?

All of my family come over for Christmas day, so my mum cooks a massive roast dinner. We usually have a couple of different meats, vegetables and a good piece of homemade Yorkshire pudding and everything else you have with a roast..yummy!

7. Christmas day fashion?

To be honest, for the first half of the day im usually still in my dressing gown and pjs. When i finally decide I should get changed i usually change into something comfortable but still festive and look like ive made an effort.

8. Whats your favorite Christmas song?

ahh, there's so many, me and my family love Christmas songs, we have them playing in the background whilst we open our presents and throughout the majority of the day. I don't think i could pick one favorite but its defiantly a classic/original Christmas song, there soo much better than the modern ones these days!

9. Whats your favorite Christmas film?

Christmas films are so great, i love them, i have so many: I love 'miracle on 34th street' 'home alone' and a more modern one called 'The holiday'

10. Open presents before or after lunch?

Beforeeee, we open ours straight away when we wake up!

Hope you enjoyed this tag, i don't think ive done one before, so this is kind of new for me. I also hope this has put you in the christmas/festive mood! I defiantly am, i'm so excited! I'd love to see what your answers are, I TAG YOU ALL!

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  1. Lauren I'm going to have to get you into eating mince pies :p x

  2. Here in Finland, people love mince pies and personally I LOVE also mince pies so you really should taste again haha!! :)

  3. I dont like minced pies aswell :)